In Production

The Telling [FILM] Project

The Telling Project is a unique program that puts veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars on stage to tell their stories of service to their communities.  The film follows twelve veterans who live in San Antonio as they work with Playwright Jonathan Wei to craft monologs that capture there unique experiences fighting oversees.  Among the veterans are a Purple Heart winner, a helicopter combat pilot, an Abu Ghraib interrogator, a victim of sexual assault, a PTSD sufferer, the daughter of a soldier KIA and a self described “unremarkable soldier”. The film follows these people as they try to come to terms with their military experience and put into words what so often goes unsaid. The film will track the participants both at home and work to document how their work with the project impacts their transition back into civilian life. This project will go beyond yellow ribbons and flag-­‐waving photo ops, and introduce America to the day-­‐to-­‐day challenges facing men and women who spent the last decade fighting for our country as they reenter the society they fought so hard to protect. The Telling Project




The Undocumented

THE UNDOCUMENTED is a 90-minute documentary that will examine the state of the United States’ immigration policy by documenting three facets of the immigration story: the deaths along the border and the effort to identify and repatriate the bodies, the trend of local municipalities creating laws to confront the influx of Latinos, and the impact of deportation of those with working papers who have committed a violation of law.